Who’s your Daddy?

10 06 2009

I have a new celebrity crush: after watching this video on Bamboo Nation, I followed up the Youtube channel and now I have a crush on Vadim Newquist. Watching ‘Cherries’ disturbed me ever so slightly, partly because I am jealous as I’m not a short film maker. I am, however, a connoisseur of Aperol Sours.

I’m going to start pulling all my New York, short-film, performance art connections to get an introduction; that might take some time. But his myspace does list ‘London 1978’ as an interest – I AM London 1978; and he also rocks Prince ‘Purple Rain’ – I also love ‘Purple Rain’!

But that’s enough gushing, there are some cute gay men in my area for me to stalk today. I know we can never be together, but I like to imagine myself as the tragic heroine; unloved, unwanted, discarded with a mascara drizzled face. Broken high-heeled shoes, burned, abused, ripped stockings, split nails, sicked up Aperol Sours, face all pale. Liebst Du Travestie?

Traversing Travestie