It’s a puppy post!

12 01 2009

But first I have to say that actually the grit on the icey streets is wearing a bit thin on my patience. Berlin roads aren’t really metaled, in the proper sense, they’re more cobbled. And the cobbles are small squares, with a slight rounded top; perfect for slipping on and over as the tops are polished smooth from many years of street pounding. So proper snow boots are called for. I haven’t yet gone butt over tit and I’m crossing all fingers that it never happens. I’ve also noticed that the worst place where I feel the cold is on the bridge of my nose. Witzig!

The cold then spreads out under my eyes, like a bad sinus headache and it’s not a very easy place to keep bundled up under thermal clothing. Then the tops of my shoulders get cold too. 


But….. when cold, hug a puppy!



Puppies for warmth - ahhhhh.

Puppies for warmth - ahhhhh.

A shoulder stole.

A shoulder stole.


Internet did reconnect

26 10 2008

So who remembered the clocks went back? Just as well we got an extra hour sleep today, as one of the dogs is waking up every morning between 4.30 and 6.30, from being so scared of the dark and being on his own. Even though he has two other dogs around him to keep him company, I guess he just can’t get over having been trapped in a chicken coop for his early life. As he just doesn’t shut up he has to come and sleep in the bed, nestling his way down to the foot end, the smelliest part which he seems to love so much. 


I just saw a trailer for the new Di Caprio-Winslet film, Revolutionary Road. Weirdly I watched it with the sound off and it was all dramatic hand gestures, arm waving and Winslet’s eerie blank, pale face. But was that a nod to Titanic that I spotted? The two of them bonking away in the back of a car, not too dissimilar to the old carriage they were having it away in, in Titanic. And then Di Caprio puts his sweaty hand on the car window and leaves a steamy smear?? Too similar! Surely it’s time to lay that old ghost to rest? I think wedding ceremonies have had enough of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ to be reminded of that scene. Still, it’s nice to see Di Caprio back in the saddle again. See his good early work like Gilbert Grape and yes, Romeo and Juliet showed how great an actor he is. Then he kind of dropped off the radar until The Aviator and Blood Diamond came along.  Thanks, Leo, you’ve reinstalled my faith in you.  So you know, call me! (not desperate at all)


Talking of weddings, it’s not just California that needs your help voting against Prop 8. There’s also Florida and Arizona to think about.

I’m going to hand over to Bamboo Nation for this, as US politics aren’t really my area of expertise, but fair rights are in my interest:

“Hey, but enough about California for a while. There are two similar anti-gay measures on ballots in both Arizona and Florida.

First let’s quickly talk about Florida’s Amendment 2, which would also amend its state constitution to ban same-sex marriage. A recent pollputs support of the ban at 53%, which is not enough for it to pass. In Florida, 60% approval is necessary for a constitutional amendment. Now the 8 percent of undecided voters could push the ban through, if nearly all of them voted for it, which is highly unlikely. FLORIDIANS, VOTE NO ON AMENDMENT 2. If you’re so inclined, here’s how to get involved.

Things are a bit trickier in Arizona. Proposition 102, another constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, shows about 49 percent support right now. It needs 50% plus one (same as California). The undecided voters (8%) are key. ARIZONIANS, VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 102. If you’re so inclined, here’s how to get involved.”


And specifically on California from the same website:

“Lie #1: “Schools began teaching second graders that boys can marry boys.” The ad is referring to one specific Massachusetts court case. Using the plural “schools” is a gross exaggeration to make it sound like its a widespread practice that’s terrorizing the state.

Lie #2: “Under California law, public schools instruct kids about marriage.” According to the Los Angeles Times, “there is nothing in the state education code that requires schools to teach anything about marriage. Even the decision about whether to offer comprehensive sex education is left up to individual school districts.” Also, unlike Massachusetts, California has broad opt-out provisions that allow parents to remove their children from class if they feel certain material is objectionable.

Lie #3: “Teaching children about gay marriage will happen here unless we pass Proposition 8.” Prop 8 has absolutely nothing to do with school instruction; the state education code barely even mentions any kind of marriage at all, let alone instruction; and guess what?—there are already provisions that say that instruction may not promote bias against anyone on the basis of several categories, including sexual orientation. That’s right! The education code has already been protecting gays for years—with no fanfare or controversy or corruption of schoolchildren. Check out theSacramento Bee.”

An interruption…

21 10 2008


I’m inserting some light-heartedness back here. 


I’ve just discovered that when the three dogs go absolutely crackers round the place, if I shout ‘COMPUTER’ at them in a strained accent, they stop what they’re doing. 



Two of the Terrible Trio

Two of the Terrible Trio



The real puppy

The real puppy

Why am I always wearing my glasses in these pictures? I’m such a dweeb. No, no, I’ve got…. SPECS APPEAL!!!  



Don’t ask me how I discovered that COMPUTER is the word to use. 


And given all the posts and comments on Prop 8, I propose the song ‘The Love You Save (might be your own) by Joe Tex should be the theme tune to the ‘No on 8’ campaign. Listen to the words, it kind of makes sense. Although maybe a bit maudlin?? I don’t know, any lyric interpretators out there want to discuss?


I’ve got to stop singing with my earphones in, I sound terrible and Jackson’s shaking his head in disbelief.





A moment…

12 10 2008

…a serendipitous camera moment; the dog is clearly part walrus!



The Ferkel

The Ferkel


3 10 2008

Thought I’d just write spokaki here again so I can googlewhack myself. And it’s still making me laugh.

So when I’m not chatting to errant foot fetishists who stumble across me on the internet, I’m usually hanging out with ‘the pack’. Luckily for the foot lovers, I don’t judge; it does nothing for me but if they want to talk about cleaning my shoes so be it, I’m generous like that. Little do they know I’m sitting here in my dog walking clothes covered in mud. So ‘the pack’ are taking up a lot of my time, including finding ‘Poo in a net’ the other night. In a horribly fascinated way I wanted to know what ‘Poo in a net’ really was, but then again, it’s best I never found out. I had a friend fly over the other week and while I left him and his wife to snuggle down for the night, Jackson and I took the then only dog out for her midnight walk.

Does anyone else train their dog to ‘leave it’ and ‘drop it’?? ‘Leave it’ being the command for ‘leave my titpant now before you ruin my bra. I don’t trust those German bras to buy new ones’; and ‘drop it’ being ‘ha ha, I told you so. Olives aren’t those tasty, smushy grapes you love!’.

So yeah, leave it and drop it are important commands. Especially when you find POO IN A NET. I explain: it’s dark, you see the dog pick something up off the floor, you go through the whole ‘drop it, drop it’ routine. You then realise that sometimes people recklessly throw out bones and the like so you have to actually now put your hand in the dogs mouth. And as you dog lovers will know, you can NEVER take a dog’s food away from them, unless it is POO IN A NET. My fingers are in the dog’s mouth, my hand is in the dog’s mouth, I’m pulling this weird plastic thing out, it doesn’t just pop out of her mouth, it freaking SLIDES UP FROM HER THROAT. A poo in a net is half way down the damn dog’s mouth. My concern for the dog now turns to horror as I try to examine in the dim light exactly what it is I am holding. You know those little plastic bags that garlic and the like come in? It was like that, but green, and contained what I can only describe as poo. A big mushed up brown splodge with bitty bits in it, and absolutely stinking. Like last year’s sausage meat pulled out of the Christmas turkey. I am holding POO IN A NET.

I hope you aren’t eating right now.
I am vegetarian, I won’t ever eat sausage meat again – you might.

The Pack!!

From left to right: Bouziy-Schmusi Woo Woo, Skelpie Never Wee Wee, Ferkel Fart Face

Bin Hokers – a ha!

31 08 2008

Following up to my last post about the mad bin hoker I’m pleased to say that yesterday the same friend was in the same park, with the same dog, on the same lead and a policeman walked slowly past, watching the dog and did not say one word!

So that’s doggies -1, bin hokers – 0.

Ha ha, ya boo sucks - hoker! Dog gets a treat.

Ha ha, ya boo sucks - hoker! Dog gets a treat.

I vant ze Apfel!!!

13 08 2008
I'm soooo hungry, I haven't been fed for days!!!

I'm so hungry, I haven't been fed in days!!











Look into my eyes! My eyes! You are feeling very sleepy...Give me ze Apfel!!!

Look into my eyes! My eyes! You are feeling very sleepy...Give me ze Apfel!!!













Give me ze Apfel or the own-nipple gets it!!

Give me ze Apfel or the owl-nipple gets it!!













Am I naked now? I mean, I ate ze Apfel, am I naked??

What a tasty Apfel!! Oh my, I am now naked!! Help! Shield me!!