New post – about bras!

30 09 2008

A bit of a hiatus from here, don’t  you think? But thanks to all of you who are writing hokers instead of Hookers into your search engines, it sends me traffic. Although soon I will write about the ‘Plate Hoker’ Jackson and I encountered the other week! The name kind of says it all. 


So I’m writing, even though I should be working because Dita von Teese’s new ad for Wunderbra just made me a bit slack jawed. Ker-ching!!! Seriously though, I know some people who work in labs and if they get up to that all day, every day I am changing me my profession! KER-CHING! Sadly though, the only stories I’ve head are from the ones who work next door to the ‘bits downstairs’ lab and how the toilets for this lab were next to my friend’s breakroom or something, so yup – they would often get handed warm sample bottles by embarrassed patients, scuttling off in haste. 


In other news, we no longer have Hillbilly plastic curtains in the bedroom! So no more neighbours sneaking a peek in (as if)- privacy at last! IKEA has endowed us with not only snazzy curtains but also the grim revelation that that ice-cream stuff they sell is actually a GIANT can of what can only be CONDENSED MILK poured into the top of the vat and then speed frozen before being sold off for one Euro a squirt. There is way too  much overlap between that and the ‘bits downstairs’ lab. ha ha, ha ha ha HA HA HA, I’ve put you off IKEA ice cream for ever!