21 05 2008

I’m in a bit of a spaghetti induced stupor right now, eating too much pasta at lunch makes me sleepy. I should be working but my day has been disrupted right from the point when an abandoned tractor at the top of the carriageway slip road had to be towed off with a police escort. 


So – Brian and Nick sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Or not? Luckily the Dirty, Sexy, Money story wasn’t about the heads of respectable professions getting it on, wasn’t it? Otherwise we’d have a priest, the lawyer, the father and their big love as a story line. I’m disappointed that Nick and Karen aren’t the illicit siblings we’ve been promised for so long, because I’m all for giving Karen more air time and the whimsy wife less, but seeing Brian venomously spitting at his new found brother in arms was quite enjoyable. I did find the other family members were rather flippant about the possibility that it could have been Nick and Karen. Doesn’t matter what the rest of the family are getting up to, but incest isn’t a story line to be crossed apparently. 


Usually I’m out on a sunny day like this to the park for a constitutional, but for some reason or other my right hamstring is weirdly tighter than the other, giving me a Herr Flick-like gait. So I’m off to see ‘What Happens in Vegas’ because someone I know is in it. 


Dirty, Sexy, Donald!

2 05 2008

Did you see Donald’s wide eyes as he slung back that shot of tequila in tonight’s Dirty, Sexy, Money episode? That must have burned deep down in his gullet somewhere. 

Oh, Tripp Darling, you want so much to see the best in your children and what an uphill struggle it is. I would gladly soothe his furrowed brow and stroke his leonine hair to take all the troubles away. I’m quite enjoying the DSM show, not just for Donald, whom I love almost as much as Kiefer, but because I like rooting for the less obvious characters. I think Brian Darling is one of the best, and is played really well by Glenn Fitzgerald; I like the way he spits his lines out with venom. And I think Karen’s vacuous character will go far; I’m hoping that she will turn out to be the illegitimate child between the glamorous old lady and Dutch. That way Karen and Nick will have had a forbidden relationship without realising and DSM can pick up where Hollyoaks had to leave off, which was disappointing (but thanks for bumping off that awful girl who can’t act). I also harbour dislike for Nick’s whimsical wife in the show, whatever her name is. They’re supposed to be the stable, rock-solid couple of the show, right? While all hell is breaking over New York due to the Darlings, they’re supposed to make us believe that true and proper relationships will hold forever and nothing will ripple their calm waters. Come on! Get Karen and Nick together in a messy brother/sister relationship so we can all rub our hands with glee!