I am so behind times…

30 09 2008

Is this a well known word??

Why won’t Jackson explain why I can’t look this word up on Wikipedia or google? Spokaki?? We were looking at the Gingerbread houses on sale in IKEA – for Christmas, it’s only SEPTEMBER – and marvelling at how even they are flatpacked. Kinderspiel, oder??? So easy to build, just take five minutes, no problem, follow the shapeless men figures and call if it doesn’t make sense.  Lose a part? Just come back to IKEA and lose a day of your life looking for that one tiny screw the dog ate.


And then we look at the picture, talk about how quaint it is, how we have to unpack it and then rebuild it, and then Jackson says ‘But if I made it, it would look like Spokaki’ (the icing sugar mess, get it*???). Why am I so innocent, why does this word mean NOTHING to me and yet I can laugh hysterically when I hear it? Like when we suddenly remember the Plate Hoker late at night, or when Jackson mysteriously speaks out from the darkness of the room ‘Do you remember that band Gemini?’ ME: Not really, why?  Jackson: They were twin brothers and they did a photo shoot together in the bath.


*I do know Spokaki is not how the word is said or spelt, but in my mishearing, I find Spokaki much funnier.




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