Hallowe’en is sorted!

5 09 2008
Even couch potatoes can be Jack Bauer!

Even couch potatoes can now be Jack Bauer!

In search of evidence for Jack Bauer’s fusty coats I came across the above picture, linked to this site for adult costumes.  


So fret no more about what you will wear this Hallowe’en, Leatherface is out and Jack is in! Round where I live adult costumes means something a bit different but there is some latex on this costume, albeit for the faux face wounds. I’m a bit concerned that whereas on the web description bullet proof vest is enclosed in quote marks, just in case the wearer places themselves in front of a hold up at the petrol station, taser however is listed as an accessory with no quote marks.

Not sure this guy does it for me though, however I did see a DONALD SUTHERLAND lookalike in Ikea last week. And he was Canadian. He was buying mugs. I nearly followed him, I didn’t, I have a shred of self-respect left.




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