Twisted Nerve Whistle

7 08 2008

I might well soon be found strolling the streets dressed in all black, wearing an eye patch and complimented by Gigi, the Black Panther, species-confused dog. To this I will also add Darryl Hannah’s whistling tune to ‘Twisted Nerve’. I’m not sure if this will detract from my cruising success or add to it, but trying will be the only test. Last night there was no success on meeting locals except a High 5 from the falafel man as I went out for a midnight snack, but then Gigi wasn’t there so maybe next time, eh? 

My morning routine now consists of this: slumber, slumber, snooze, PRISON BREAK by Gigi, SLABBER CHOPS, spur bone in belly, LICK all over mouth and nose, THUMP, mad tail wagging, stolen slippers, stolen pillow. Snooze no more.

Breakfast is also no longer something to be endured in front of  Jeremy Kyle, the UK chat show which is virtually an institution for a certain television ‘demograhpic’ (what a nice way to phrase that), leading inevitably to torpor, and instead is a leisurely activity brought on by fresh bread from the local bakery, the sound of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons which seems to resonate magically through the trees, rather than the blare of police sirens and the echoes of the broken-biscuit locals slipping over on last night’s take away kebabs. 

I have a deadline tomorrow and here I am reclining in airconditioned Starbucks (blah), but the ideas are all in my head, right? I have managed to appropriate the ‘Magic Flirt Seat’ which apparently is the chair just opposite the door where you can watch everyone come in and if you so wish you can innocently glance up and make eye contact (with or without eye patch). I am though surprised that Camera Obscura, a favourite band of mine, have sold out to SB and one of their songs is now playing to soothe our caffeinated minds. Still, I’m here so can’t really blame them.


My head is suddenly empty.

Thanks Prince for your comments, I’m glad a 24 connection has been forged across the Atlantic, now would the other two readers leave me a comment?? (Johhhhhn……(whining voice) stop being busy and leave me a message, where are you? UK, Thailand? You too Jackson, you’re sitting right next to me, duh.)




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