Small edits

27 05 2008

I needed to tweak a few things on this site because I realized there was little coherency. I’ve changed the blog header to an ace picture taken by a very good friend of mine over in Belfast, I think it’s something most people can relate to, eh? I liked my pictures of Coney Island because it’s one of my favourite places that I’ve had the fortune to visit, and not too soon before Astroland is all changed and paved over – so get there while you still can! I’ve kept the wee Hamburger/Cotton Candy man as my avatar as he’s really cute and I love Americana, faded seaside glamour kitch. Being in the Coney Island Mermaid Parade would be an absolute dream! Wrap me in sequined scales and carry me on the shoulders of oiled sailor boyzz! 

I wanted the Brandenburg Gate up there, in keeping with the German theme and the mishmashed German words I’ve been making up, but it didn’t fit the rather stingy banner size  – you can see it on my ‘About Me’ page though. That also doesn’t have much on it but it will soon. I’ve put the Brandenburg Gate up because one day this blog will take me to Berlin, and it’s effectively a big door inviting me in, so ships ahoy!! I’ll be writing soon enough explaining all about the choice of Torschlusspanik as a title and also a translation of the aforementioned mishmashed words that I made up. 

I’m also needing a few linkzzzz on the page to brighten it up, it’s looking a bit bare. Any offers? NOT YOU Mike Schmarmon-harmon, YOU are a BIG SPAMMER. Do not be taken in by his kind words, he is NOT REAL. Same as Amanda Holden is not real, her prescriptive reaction to children on Britain’s Got Talent instantly brings on robotic tears. Fey! 




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