20 05 2008

Channel 4 has always been pushing the frontiers of television here in the UK and I think tonight they went right up to the Susquehanna River.

In the past we’ve had Brookside’s first lesbian kiss, cartoon ‘sex’ pre-watershed, numerous Hollyoak’s story lines, Gordon Ramsay’s redundant presence and then tonight we were given pre-9pm full frontal vagine!!! Plucked, waxed, pimply and in a variety of shapes and sizes. I nearly choked on a chickpea. Oh my dear, dear Gok! Your attempts to educate the nation, truly knows no bounds. Brazilians, Hollywoods, landing strips, 70s, diamante designs, purple and heart shaped are all talked and written about in glossy magazines and probably discussed down the Pig & Fiddle on a Friday night but I think this is the first time that a TV programme has deliberately sought to show the masses (that’s your dad, mum, gran, teachers, and Soft Shoe Frank on the ground floor) EXACTLY what it looks like. It’s one thing glazing over the pain and rigmarole on the pages of Cosmo but this time we got it in 2D, with sound effects (RRRRRRRRRIP), and a ‘best fit’ guide – yup, there’s even one for tubbies. Now we’ve got a point of reference to consult if we ever think we deserve our money back. 


Waxees of the world, unite!  




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