The slow falling tears of a clown – a boo hoo hoo

15 05 2008

Good job Team Alpha won the Apprentice challenge last night. Looks like some of the team needed the winning prize, a day in the spa, to scrub off all that makeup. I know Sir Alan is scary but you don’t need so much warpaint that you end up looking like a Bobo doll. And, please someone, shut that awful man up who keeps swearing. It’s like he’s got competition-strategy-profit-turnover-blueskythinking induced synapse malfunction and doesn’t know how to articulate himself without swear words. Sir Alan isn’t really going to be wanting to seal a mega bucks deal with Acme Corporations only for that guy to appear and start whooping away with his potty mouth. 


Finally, get that Ramsay advert OFF MY SCREEN!!! Could one person get any more self-aggrandizing??




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