13 05 2008

I’m feeling a bit weltbetrübt today, what with all the natural disasters happening. It doesn’t really put me in the mood to witter on here.


Still, in the vain hope that some people like reading this, and hoping still that my words create a voice in their heads and don’t just read pancake-flat on the page, I came across the unusual roadkill today of …..a keyboard! Cars were swerving all over to avoid the 1980s style Nimbus-type white keyboard that someone must have absent mindedly chucked from their car. Pissed off no doubt with the rise in road tax, they had to offload some unrequired hardware to lighten their burden and reduce the amount of pot holes down the country lanes. Oh, and thanks for giving that £120 tax rebate, nice of you (government) to notice that some people in this country are poor but still willing enough to work even though they sit in the lower tax band.  It should just about cover the road tax next year. Cheers!


Luckily my evening was brightened by seeing Gok Wan on TV tonight, and didn’t the lovely actress look particularly good tonight? The proverbial butterfly indeed. Gok even said ‘Gokstroke’ which gave me a fuzzy warm feeling inside. Ohhh weeee –  but I doubt I’m his type. I do though, now know why models on the catwalk appear so vacuous looking. It’s not because they’ve been sniffing mascara all day, they’re concentrating hard on the mantra inside their heads of  ‘got somewhere to go, got somewhere to go, got somewhere to go’. Carry on girls!




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