A-ha! Predictions!

11 05 2008

I see my prediction for someone squawking their way through Ave Maria came true last night! I see also the audience LOVED it, only because they vaguely remember hearing it at a wedding somewhere. Why do the children always appeal to Amanda, with their shiny big eyes, hoping she’ll pass them through to the next round? All I can really say though is that the child singing Ave Maria is NOT 12. She can’t possibly be! No 12 year old looks or sings like that, it’s NOT possible! I saw pound signs flashing in Cowell’s eyes though when she did start to sing. I’m all for the GOOD children (yeah, she was great, but 12 years old?? SHOCK!) coming on and showing their talent, but do they have to win, just by virtue of them being a child? They’ve got years for Simon to spin his magic on them and launch endless record deals, let some old hand get through and give them a break. Like Animal Magique! Owls, and voice overs, women in boxes and snakes! Bring some wolves to match your hair next time, please!


But they probably won’t win because the English audiences like nothing better than to order pizza (subliminally chosen due to the mass of adverts displayed, like 10 times in one hour, what is this? America?) and then vote for a lispy child and watch them dribble their way through “Jerusalem”. 




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