Punch the cushion!!!

6 05 2008

I thought it was only in American films that people really punched cushions when something bad happened to them. But last night, punch the cushion I did. I can’t believe that hulking man is back in the slot of acting Vice President in 24, I’m so cross (yeah, I know, I’m still on series 6). And…Wayne has collapsed! Again! On TV! The shame! 


The last couple of series it’s been a wet-lipped mercenary who’s been the stealth baddy, ready to throw a virtual spanner virus in the CTU works, and now we have a man who looks like he’s been carved from Mount Rushmore itself, and not for all the right reasons – he just looks like he’s made of stone. However…………..STINGO is coming through from behind, good and strong! Tom Lennox is not the latest wet lipper to sell himself out to the Coalition of Baddies which we all thought he would be, but instead has a layer of GOOD underneath the dirty mac which I suspect he wears after-hours. Maybe you don’t know who Stingo is but Peter MacNicol, long before Ally McBeal, provided a great performance in Sophie’s Choice. I only happened to watch Sophie’s Choice one Sunday morning (gloomy, I know) and then later that night some 24 and there was STINGO! The range of facial expressions he can pull out in the White House really is quite incredible. For every evil shadow that crosses the Vice President’s face, Stingo has one of hidden good to match. 


I think there’s more to add to this but ‘Too Fat to Toddle’ is on. (hmm, I’m feeling quite sad for the children but the parent surely must have had more of an idea than they let on??)




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