The Sutherlands

3 05 2008

Is Josh going to turn out to be Jack’s son in 24? 

There’s a lot of long glances and troubled eyebrows between Jack and his sister in law in Season 6 right now. And Josh does look a lot more like Jack than he does his father ‘Graem’, who looks suspiciously similar to Graham, the psychologist from Jeremy Kyle. I was quite bemused at the end of Season 5 when Graem was shown hanging out in his lair with the International Coalition of Baddies; it was turning a bit James Bond so I’m glad that things are back to CTU in Season 6. Even the Josh/Jack moniker is tellingly similar.  But don’t tell me, I don’t want to know. And I don’t really want Marilyn to get with Jack because I think Audrey is much better for him and Marilyn should have got her act in gear a lot quicker if she wanted to cash in on a piece of Jack. 

I’m a big Kiefer Sutherland fan, and have been since a copy of Young Guns II came into our house by way of a teen magazine competition. Does anyone else remember this gem of 1990? And what happened to Balthazar Getty, is he wanted by Interpol or something because I don’t think he’s been sighted since around 1993. I don’t know what I’ll do when Day 7 comes out, I doubt I’ll even be in the UK to watch it over here so I’ll have to wait for the DVD. All I know is that Jack’s GONE DARK. 



Don’t read this if you haven’t watched Day 5 yet; I can’t be held responsible if you do.

I really cried when Edgar died, it all just got the better of me. I can’t believe they killed him off. I thought Edgar was the bees knees and I was almost blurring the reality/fantasy element between Edgar and Louis Lombardi, wondering if Edgar would be alright once the cameras stopped rolling. Would he get another acting job, were people just feeling sorry for him? Then I looked him up and saw he’s actually got a long established acting career and he doesn’t need anyone to feel sorry for him, let alone want my sympathy. 

But cry I did, it was just so SAD. Poor Edgar fought so hard to rescue his mum earlier on, wimpered like a puppy for Chloe’s attention, only to succumb to some baddies himself. I can’t imagine he had a bad bone in him. And Mary Lynn Rajskub, as has been noted by so many people, really is the best thing in 24 after Jack, so please keep her there.

I was all confused when Morris stepped in though; he’s Chloe’s ex and yet he was selling shoes in West Hollywood?? Who is this flashy-pants guy with the English accent and the big nose? I love him! And his personality is just right for blunting Chloe’s sharp edges, what a pair, hope they last. 


I’ve not really said anything about Donald yet, but he really speaks for himself. And I think Karen Darling is one of my favourite characters in DSM, along with Donald and the Priest. I don’t like the goody-two-shoes wife of Nick so I hope brother/sister Nick and Karen do get together, what a shocker that would be. And did anyone else notice the resemblance between Karen Darling, Natalie Zea, and the model in the ‘Gucci by Gucci’ perfume advert by David Lynch?




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